Jan 5, 2023

Hello, 2023!

Happy New Year!

With the new year, I'm sure we all have our aspirations and goals and resolutions. As do I.

I have a few things I want to accomplish this year. Here are the ones that are related to software and development:

  • Ship 3 side projects: I've a few projects that I'm really excited about that I've put off for too long. It'll be nice to ship those this year. In fact, I'm nearly done with the MVP for one of the projects.
  • Work on personal tools/automation with Rust: I really got into Rust at the end of last year. I even attempted Advent of Code and managed to solve till day 12. It got really difficult at that point so I gave up. This year, I'm continuing on my Rust journey and eventually I'd like to build small tools with Rust that could make my life a bit easier. I'm not yet sure what those are, but I'm sure I'll get some ideas.
  • Get better at TypeScript: I'm still a TypeScript noob, even after a year of using it. That's mainly because I barely explored beyond what I needed. But in order to dive deep into libraries' source code, I need to be better at TypeScript. I'm specifically aiming to read and understand Remix, auth.js and trpc source code in the hopes of eventually being able to contribute to them.
  • Write on my blog regularly: I try and post regularly here on my blog but the second half of 2022, I really dropped the ball. I barely wrote anything. Even when I did, I didn't talk about it anywhere. I usually write about things I learned, sometimes tutorials but I want to expand my horizons and write about more abstract topics. And share them.

While these are the main things I want to do this year, I've a couple of stretch goals too. No matter how small, I want to move the needle on these goals that'll serve as a launchpad beyond 2023:

  • Coding Livestreams / Youtube: I've wanted to do this for a while but I always chicken out. Mostly because of my crippling imposter syndrome. It's still crippling but I'm trying to find a way to do this anyway. I'm going to start small and do a couple of hours of live streaming each week or every couple weeks. And edit the VODs for Youtube.
  • Speak at a conference: I've went to many conferences over the years but always as an attendee. This year, I want to speak at one for a change about a topic that I'm interested in. This kinda ties into my goals above of getting better at TS and Rust, and shipping stuff. Only if those happen properly will I get the confidence to send proposals for talks.

Those are the things I want to do in 2023. Let's see how much of it I can get done.

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