What I'm working on right now?

I'm shipping Herald and Rescribe.

I write on this blog.

I'm working on getting better at TypeScript and Rust.

What are the projects I've planned for the coming months?

I'm planning to launch 3 projects I've been working this year by the end of March/April. I've been working on a project a month in 2023, and while I managed to finish 2 at the time of writing (Mar 1), I'll be fine tuning them and get them ready for launch soon.

Update: Well, I didn't launch them as planned. TBH, I was scared to release them. But I recently found out that even without me talking about them online, people are somehow finding out about Catalyst UI (it's currently at 70 stars on Github). I want to use this tiny momentum and get it ready for launch soon.

Update: I found out how and why people were discovering Catalyst organically. Turns out, Tailwind announced a UI kit also called Catalyst at Tailwind Connect 2023.

I also want to launch other projects that are in various stages of completion:

  • Aurelius
  • Rescribe

What is my current short-term goal?

$1k MRR by the end of the year from my projects.

What am I reading right now?

I read regularly, usually two books at a time — one fiction and one non-fiction. Check out what I'm readingreading link and all the books I've read.

What am I playing right now?

I play video games whenever I can. I'm currently playing:

  • Death Stranding
  • Counter Strike 2

What am I watching right now?

  • Bleach